Tuesday, 26 July 2011


carrying on from my last post I will talk about spots and what to look for.

When you start you need to find walls that you can vault over, walls you can jump between, walls you can climb on, and rails (be careful on rails). Go out some sessions with your friends exploring your town/
area and look for suitable spots which can be quite fun and you can find new things. When you find spots make the most of it, think of every possibility and try it safely. Don't worry about looking at roof top gaps and things as you won't be at that level, (quite a lot of tracuers stay ground level a majority of their training).

After a while you will find more stuff you can do at a spots that you have never thought of before when you progress. Also look for safe spots, in that; it is in a relatively friendly neighbourhood/ people walk by, the walls are strong and won't give way, walls aren't slippy .

I have put up two pictures from searching "parkour spot" on google, you can do the same and get the idea of what to look for.

Have fun :)


  1. Oh, I don't have anything like this near here :s

  2. @a are u in a rural area? if so try training in a forest? :)

  3. nice post! i know i should try parkour some time since there is a park that almost fits the description just a block from my place.

  4. @t get some mates together and go out with them :) trust me you will love it.