Monday, 18 July 2011


A lot of us southern British Tracuers and some European are very concious of soft landings and foot placement. It has come across in videos that in America most tracuers don't care for such things *cough*epic1*cough* but one Tracuer, who me and most of the people I know think, is absolutely amazing. I was going to link to one video of his but I couldn't choose. On top of having amazing movement is also a really nice person from conversations I have had with him.

Daniel arroyo


  1. im so jealous of people who can do these kind of jumps! just absolutely insane haha

  2. that guy is crazy haha, always thought you'd need massive balls to do parkour. nice blog man, followed!

  3. that guy is good. doesnt look sketchy when he does it

  4. Anyone can do parkour, its the most amazing thing :)
    @chaz yeah that's what us British prioritise and seemily wasn't picked up in america until Daniel arroyo