Sunday, 31 July 2011

Lord of the rings/ the hobbit

I recently got back into lord of the rings, watched Fellowship of the ring, and also reading it. Playing lord of the rings online, and looking forward to War in the north. Just found this blog peter jackson made from the set of the hobbit. I seriously can not wait

Friday, 29 July 2011


I am learning html and other languages and am trying to find a good place to get domains, yahoo and other big companies that supply I just don't understand how they make business. You can near on beat there prices down to 1/3 just by searching cheap domain names. Any one have any suggestions?

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Chaps on Tour '11

I would feel wrong not to post this.

A really great video from a great bunch of lads its 16 minutes long but its worth it, asides from their great movement its a video showing them having fun. Its a great video so support them. :)

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Summer PARKOUR WEEKend '11 | day 1

Just a quick post, absolutely lovely movement here watttch! :)

Setting a barrier and negativity.

Just a thought i've had in general.

People limit themselves, a majority of the world limits them selves to what they can and can't do. You hear constantly "I would love to be able to do that", "I wish I was that good", "I would be rubbish". These are all self set barriers, and why? because people don't want to try, they feel like they are what they are at that exact moment and cannot be more than that. They contain the possibility of what they could be, and what they should be, to saying "oh, I'm not good enough". The age old saying "you don't know until you try" really applies. It is sad to see people are content with doing nothing with their lives because they think they can't do anything big, the people that are successful are people who are willing to go outside their comfort zone and fall over a few times.

What's worse are the negative people, the people who are too scared to try anything so who ever does try, they call an "idiot". So that in their head they feel above someone because they are too weak in them selves to open their mind. People are capable of amazing things, name a million successful and amazing people.. they are PEOPLE not freaks.

Anyway, yeah :) Just a thought


Such a sick video from the leeds lads thought i would share.


carrying on from my last post I will talk about spots and what to look for.

When you start you need to find walls that you can vault over, walls you can jump between, walls you can climb on, and rails (be careful on rails). Go out some sessions with your friends exploring your town/
area and look for suitable spots which can be quite fun and you can find new things. When you find spots make the most of it, think of every possibility and try it safely. Don't worry about looking at roof top gaps and things as you won't be at that level, (quite a lot of tracuers stay ground level a majority of their training).

After a while you will find more stuff you can do at a spots that you have never thought of before when you progress. Also look for safe spots, in that; it is in a relatively friendly neighbourhood/ people walk by, the walls are strong and won't give way, walls aren't slippy .

I have put up two pictures from searching "parkour spot" on google, you can do the same and get the idea of what to look for.

Have fun :)

Monday, 25 July 2011

Beginners - how to start parkour

A good blogger and follower of mine made me think to post this so here it goes.

Tips on starting Parkour.

First off, Parkour is literally for everyone and anyone, what ever level of fitness you are at, really just give it a go.
The best way of starting is to find a few friends and show them some parkour videos, I post many on here so maybe show them my blog, and go out with them lot and just have fun. Jump on some walls and get the feel for it, the reality is, you probably wont be great to start with! :P But parkour is so enjoyable to nearly everyone that I know that progression is quick and easy as you just WANT to go and train and have fun rather than feel forced to.

So things you should learn;
Youtube is to thank mainly for how parkour spread around the world, there are many helpful tutorials for getting started and would take me and while to find a link good ones so I shall list things for you to youtube.

Speed vault tutorial
Lazy vault tutorial
Kong vault tutorial (call it catpass but it is often named kong for some reason)
Dash vault tutorial
Kash vault tutorial.
Precision tutorial (this may be vague so maybe type parkour in there)
Climb up tutorial (again write parkour)
Cat leap tutorial (or arm jump, preferably arm jump)

So they are all the basics and you can branch off from there as you progress things like; plyo's (precisioning then precisioning again), strides (one footed strides), cat pass pre (doing at cat pass and landing on a wall), 180 arm jumps (arm jump position then push off and land in arm jump on another wall) and others.

A good tip with getting into parkour, is watch a lot of video's it will give you inspiration for movements and keep you involved in the community, the parkour community is amazing and very friendly so it is great to get involved. The channel is probably the easiest to find good video's.

After a while when you and your friends have gotten into it a bit more go online and search for local community's to go and train with I live in a town near London and I searched things like "parkour in st albans/luton/london/dunstable/watford" and got in contact with the people, most communtiys have a website so search for it with your town/ region name. Your first time training with good people may be relatively daunting  but be relaxed, most tracuers as I say are very kind and will help you out and they know you are new and won't judge you, ask for their help and make friends with them. But if they are doing something and concentrating let them get on with it and talk to them later.

Parkour is about overcoming your mental and physical boundaries so when you are scared of a jump don't get disheartened be determined to get that jump if not that day then another and keep having fun, work on everything and train often. Also understand where you are at, don't try things you know you wont make at that time, start small and build up. Oh p.s jumping off roofs onto grass isn't cool

Things to bare in mind;

Clothing, for the love of god don't wear jeans, and preferably not those waterproof tracksuit bottoms, wear joggers (sweatpants) and a t shirts.
Shoes; get a pair of running shoes, popularly old-school running shoes are preferred or buy a cheap pair of kalenji ekiden's.
Bag; take a bag you can leave around, just put things like water bottles, deodorant, food in it and money if you wish.
Cuts and callus; you will receive cuts, and calluses on your hands, just man up :P
Respect; be respectful when you are training to the area and to the owners and the public, be polite and if the owners tell you to move on do so, make them like you it is the best way. It leaves parkour with a good name.
Awareness; be aware of people, and the surfaces you are training on, make sure they wont break for your saftey. Test the walls and see how slippy things are.

That is pretty much everything overall but just a few more things

Precisions are important in Parkour, make sure you do them right. Land on the corner of the wall lightly and softly, try to stick most of your jumps when needed and work at landings properly.
Work on climb ups don't use your forearm or your shins, try get up with out them touching the wall.

Be careful train safe and have fun, if you have questions just ask and yeah :) I may have missed things out here this way just a brief introduction to how to start Parkour.


more from the Galizian visit

Saturday, 23 July 2011


Just a vid of some of the clips i got on pc :)
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New video

Just done editing new video, its a short one, will post later. Having problems rendering its saying I am using too much memory. hope I fix it.

Stay tuned

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Red hot chilli peppers

So after a long break RHCP have finally returned :) and not a come back, as said in the interview, as the last guitarist John frusciante left sadly it pushed rhcp in a new direction. They needed time to adjust their sound and I feel they came back strong, possibly pop ish but I enjoy it never the less. I imagine it will grow on you. I heard this a day or so before it came out and now really enjoy it.

But yeah "I'm with you" being there new album is here I can't wait :)

Wednesday, 20 July 2011


So a bunch of people visited Galicia finally to go train there. GUP ( being a highly regarded community, let some people stay with them and up there is the videos it produced. I didn't know who actually went I just heard Flynn was going. So yeah, pretty much the first people to go over to Galicia if I'm not mistaken.


The $58,000 Red "EPIC" has been out a little while but very little has been seen of it in the way of test videos. This beautiful video made by Philip bloom has been released, just showing the staggering image quality of the Epic. Watch it and keep in mine this is nearly one fifth of the image capability of the Epic as it shoots an incredible 5k resolution :O I know .

This camera has been used in some films already if I'm not mistaken some of which are listen on the official red website. You may or may not be as excited as me but my god you should be :).

I have decided this blog not JUST to be parkour, just all my main interest :) stay tuned.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Test video here.

I remember it being surreal on my first days of training, going to a sessions seeing expensive camera's sitting on the floor, Tracuers are too trusting. I'm currently saving for a 60d, just done my media production taster day at sixth form and it has reboosted my want for a good camera. I originally wanted 600d but tbh 60d is better. But I'm not really making money at the moment :( Probably have £200 towards it (it will be probably 800 ish with an okay lens)

Hopefully i will win the lottery!

Monday, 18 July 2011


A lot of us southern British Tracuers and some European are very concious of soft landings and foot placement. It has come across in videos that in America most tracuers don't care for such things *cough*epic1*cough* but one Tracuer, who me and most of the people I know think, is absolutely amazing. I was going to link to one video of his but I couldn't choose. On top of having amazing movement is also a really nice person from conversations I have had with him.

Daniel arroyo

Sunday, 17 July 2011


Most Tracuers have some sort of nerdy hobbies. For my followers who aren't Tracuers a majority of Tracuers (free runners) are nerdy, like myself. A recent craze amongst Tracuers is the Kendama (picture above) and it is bloody awesome. :P

I brought mine about a week ago and haven't put it down. It appears most fans of the Kendama are either Tracuers, skaters, skateboarders and the like.

And here and example of some of the best.

Learn more about the Kendama or buy one here

My next video

Trying to figure out what song to put my next video to. My movement has gotten a lot better. It's a shame one of the people who I trained locally with, seems to have stopped :( so i can't really use his camera. I'll just ask others. Anyway I'm going off topic.

Here are my current choises.

José González - Crosses


Jai Paul - BTSTU (Edit) Official

And possibly but maybe not it depends on copyrights.

Drake - Marvins Room

Kalenji success

As much as people hate parkour generations. I feel we need to give them credit for bringing back the success.
And its a good looking shoe. At £17 you can't really complain. Although I don't know if I will buy I am currently much more into the classic running shoe for training in such as asics gt 2's

I am looking forward to it though

Thursday, 14 July 2011


As some feel urban free flow are a negative thing in our community, others feel it is positive. Me I am half way, I don't care much for what they do overall, but i enjoy there youtube channel, and the boost it gives Tracuers in the way of views and the I can see movement from people I never knew and the consistency of videos.
Saw that then a few days later trained with the guy. Its cool.

The start

I shall be making regular updates involving the Parkour community mainly in the UK and the videos from it.
I have to say at the moment Horsham's new video is my favourite amazing movement, check it out :)

I will regularly post videos etc on this page so follow and stay tuned